I'm a Berlin-based Senior Product Designer with a strong background in visual communications. Since summer 2022, I've been working at goodcarbon, designing an investment platform that empowers companies to fund high-impact Nature-based Solution projects for carbon credits.


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<aside> <img src="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/secure.notion-static.com/0c654953-3bb6-40f7-8026-f458da6532d8/App-icon-flat.svg.png" alt="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/secure.notion-static.com/0c654953-3bb6-40f7-8026-f458da6532d8/App-icon-flat.svg.png" width="40px" /> Digital Designer at **Bookmate** expanding the brand’s visual style across all marketing initiatives (Moscow, 2017-2021)



<aside> 👩🏼‍🎨 BA Graphic Design, University of Hertfordshire 2011–2016 Graphic Design FDA, Camberwell College of Arts, London 2012-2014


Selected Case Studies

Selected Case Studies

goodcarbon Role Highlights:

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Designed the MVP of a goodcarbon marketplace & platform. The implementation of the MVP platform has accelerated the conversion of leads into investing partners compared to the previous manual sales pitches.

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Established an in-house design system for quicker and easier development for both Design and Front End.

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Redesigned the company website to increase lead conversion and marketing materials to raise brand awareness.

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Aligned stakeholders and PO through a series of effective persona and user journey workshops, calibrating the positioning and enabling the Product team to prioritize roadmap features in a more informed way.

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Developed daily-used company-wide style guides for both internal and external teams for consistent visual identity across different channels.

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Created feature lifecycle and Jira request template to streamline stakeholder requirements gathering and improve implementation projections for the Product Owner.

A little About My Process:

Before approaching the user's problem I always make sure I understand the bigger picture of the challenge together with the stakeholders and the team.

To gain truly deep insights into the user problem space, I do my own research, orchestrate and conduct user and stakeholder interviews, meticulously preparing, moderating, analyzing, and presenting the findings to the team.

To foster engagement and alignment among the stakeholders, I prepare and host internal workshops.

To validate hypotheses, I perform focused internal and external user tests, creating wireframes, initiating testing sessions, and carefully documenting and analyzing the results.

In crafting seamless user experiences, I expertly iterate and refine the UI. I ensure consistency across pages, screens, components, and small elements to tell a cohesive story.

Implementation is important for me. That’s why I oversee the design implementation process end2end, involving the front-end team early in the process, creating comprehensive handoff documentation, and fostering clear communication with developers, guaranteeing a smooth transition from design to development on every project.

To continually improve and refine my designs, I actively seek and incorporate user internal and external feedback, sourcing and documenting it as a valuable resource for ongoing updates and iterative revisions.

To maximize design effectiveness, I create and maintain Design Systems in close collaboration with the Front-End team. Aligning design principles with the styling libraries, and code base, and ensuring consistency, scalability, and efficiency in both the development and design process.

To provide a great customer experience at every touchpoint, I design and oversee product communications and branding guidelines implementation.

In Every Team I Strongly Value:

📯 Open Communication I value open communication for constructive feedback and growth, fostering an environment where team members freely express their thoughts and ideas.

⚖️ The Balance of Autonomy and Collaboration Trusting each team member to explore problems independently while also being immersed in teamwork and collaboration enables me to leverage diverse perspectives and achieve innovative design solutions effectively.

🎯 Product Vision in Place A product vision provides purpose and direction, guiding my decision-making and ensuring alignment as we work towards common goals.

♥️ Passion and Dedication I appreciate and encourage the passion and dedication of every team member, as it fuels creativity and drives us towards excellence in my and my team’s work.

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